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Medrefasia is a Patient Assistance Centre which provides detail communications regards Advanced medical conditions and Treatments in India and Overseas. We have been involved in Facilitating free Second Opinions and comprehensive treatment with follow up care at various centers across the globe. We have an unmatched panel of Specialists and boast of over 3000 consultants for a comprehensive opinion and treatment of your conditions. We are very closely working with various centers involved in the research of the use of Stem Cell therapies for conditions which are deemed untreatable including autism and Parkinson’s. By way of these updates we will endeavor to get them closer to you .

Patients Dilemma's

Some Diseases dont need a cure but just a shift in your lifestyle while all diseases have a cure and we are just not updated or aware of them.

We have come across a lot of Patients who have used our services. Theses are few of the dilemma's that in our experience the patient undergoes. As an assistance centre we help you to overcome these dilemma's and take you to the next step that is a Your Comfort Zone and your road to complete Cure

I dont Know What To Do-----!!!!!

I have been diagnosed with ----!!!!!!

Oh God! Why Me !!!!!

What Next?----- !!!!!

What are My Options?------!!!!!

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